Get Your Ad in the Game
Client: Activision | Blizzard Media

Personal Role:
Art Director / Lead Designer —

Responsible for leading the graphic design, storyboarding, copywriting and client presentation / pitch work for all deliverables, including: digital ads, social media graphics and custom-skinned in-game ad templates. 
Team: Jesse Vinton (CD), Rodrigo Blergh (Motion Artist) + support from the dotdotdash team. ​​​​​​​
Activision | Blizzard Media came to us searching for a solid series of promotional advertisements to stretch across social, web and B2B presentations to drive new business to their mobile game advertising services. With ABM's brand cues at the forefront of our approach, we crafted dynamic video content that showcased custom-skinned games to spotlight the KPI's of their mobile in-game ads. The ad content had to be as exciting as the games themselves, so we made sure to apply an electric and highly emotive direction to the messaging. 

"What’s the secret to engaging in-game ad creative? When it comes to results, ads with strong creative branding, sound-off approaches, vertical formats and shown at high-frequency are among the best performers. But why?" — You can read all about the strategy that ABM is tackling when it comes to mobile gaming in their blog, which features our work, here.
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