Multichannel Campaign
Worldwide | 2019

Client: adidas x Champs
Agency: dotdotdash
Personal Roles:
· Art Direction
· Retail Display Graphics
· Digital Graphics
adidas teamed up with the International Space Station to study Boost technology in space. And to bring that story to earth, dotdotdash partnered with adidas and their retailer Champs to create a unique multi-channel campaign. Centered around engagement, the Space Race campaign connected the Champs Sports consumer with the brand through interactive and shareable content featuring Packers running back Aaron Jones.
Working with dotdotdash

Working closely with adidas and Champs, we dove into the consumer and their culture, identifying the right story and channels to connect with them and drive engagement. It was important for both brands to be represented equally and for all touch-points to drive sales of the NMD during the busy holiday season.

With a deep understanding of the consumer and the brand objectives, we developed a world built just for our consumer.

This alternate reality has only just been discovered and to explore its possibilities, we are sending Aaron Jones, an influencer as unique as his companion, Traun, to explore and report back to earth. Throughout his journey, Aaron Jones discovers what’s possible, opening up portals and giving Traun a peek into this mysterious place.
The anti-gravity dimension is heavily inspired by Traun’s exploration-based interests——showcasing a reimagined, vaporwave aesthetic combined with surrealistic elements.

This multi-channel campaign required a mix of AR development, Live Action production, 3D and VFX, physical retail build and production design for a national rollout, and social assets for multiple drops across digital. Our team handled execution across channels to ensure a seamless dimensional storytelling experience.

Our team tested, installed, and deployed all aspects of the campaign, managing multiple timelines, channels, and deliverables. We handled numerous technical feats, event programming, and artist performances——all of which helped us achieve a stunning, multi-layered result.

Working closely with Champs and adidas, we prioritized our goals, identifying metrics to track our standing and iterate for future projects. Our audience had high levels of engagement with our hero talent, Aaron Jones.

Product sales exceeded the target for the holiday season.
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