Hu NMD Cream
Client: Pharrell x adidas
Product Seeding

Personal Role:
Studio Photographer, Editor, Retoucher, Graphic Designer

Responsible for studio photography and graphic design for social output

Team: Michael Coen (DP / Editor), Zack Dougherty (Roboticist), Adam Paikowsky (Roboticist), Kyle Banuelos (PM)
Agency: dotdotdash​​​​​​​
"Sneaker seeding is officially out of control."
High Snobiety
Adidas surprised Pharrell Williams with a futuristic delivery of his new Cream Hu NMD sneakers just a few days prior to the exclusive product launch. This Boston Dynamics robot pup personally delivered a pair to Pharrell, among other celebrities in Miami. Filmed in just two days and edited overnight, this whirlwind of a video project made its way onto Adidas Originals and Pharrell’s social media accounts the next day. As Pusha T called it, “the illest shoe seeding ever.”
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