Global Campaign
Client: adidas 
Agency: BeGrizzlee / dotdotdash​​​​​​​

Role: Art Director
Responsibilities: Art / Photography Direction, Story / Messaging, Retail Environmental design, social, web + 360 visual assets.

Team: David Rodriguez (CD), Siavash Khasha (CD), Kim Laama (ECD), Gaia Elise (AD), Christopher Chang (PM), + support from the BeGrizzlee / dotdotdash team. 
LGBTQIA+ athletes are challenged at every turn, just to do what they love. For them, playing sports is not just a game, it’s been a lifelong battle. It’s more than fighting for what they love—it’s fighting for who they love. Through sports, we have the power to change lives. And if there’s one thing more powerful than sports— it’s love. Love for the game. Love for yourself. Love for whoever you love. As part of an unwavering belief that love unites, adidas partnered with queer South African designer, Rich Mnisi to create this year’s Pride collection. Guided by a love letter Rich wrote to his younger self, the product collection is inspired by the line “Let Love Be Your Legacy” – and embodies a shared ambition to encourage allyship and expression without bias, in all spaces across sport and culture.​​​​​​​

We structured this year's pride campaign around Rich's original "love" letter in order to find out how athletes and allies everywhere would let love be their legacy. We wanted to ask individuals far and wide what their love letter would entail.

With the help of Mnisi's direction, we turned to his South African roots and designed the campaign's message through the lens of South Africa's natural environment and the emotions it naturally helps to evoke. We were able to capture the raw love and positive energy that flows from the community to elevate their raw, sometimes never-before-told, stories. The visual language of the campaign resulted in everything Rich hoped for—shining a bright summer light on positivity and the warm, unwavered storytelling from some of the most talented LGBTQIA+ athletes and allies on the planet. New light was shed on adidas' ethos, "impossible is nothing."
The Love Letters
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