Product Launch
Client: adidas x Prada

Personal Roles:​​​​​​​· 
Art Direction (User Journey, Messaging, Environmental design, Motion Direction / Storyboarding)

Team: PJ Portlock (CD), Zack Dougherty (Roboticist), Gerald Makaveli Seals (ACD), Adam Paikowsky (Tech Director)
Agency: dotdotdash
The adidas x Prada Re-Nylon Forum sneaker is a blend of contemporary style and premium Italian materials. It warranted the dotdotdash team's desire to bring it into the physical spotlight in one of our most ambitious technological feats ever.​​​​​​​
We aimed to stay true to the visual notes of previous Prada and adidas collaborations while incorporating the new, innovative cues from Prada's Re-Nylon technology. A driving component for our team was leaning into the idea of "play," and how this collaboration's campaign communicates a playful yet premium narrative. Working with architects, roboticists, 3D artists, and a collection of other multi-talented creatives, the result was a museum-quality experience for ComplexCon and shared audiences beyond.
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