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Client: TikTok

Personal Role: UX, Motion + Digital Designer -
Responsible for designing UX assets, event identity assets, graphic design elements and the integration of TikTok's existing brand guidelines into our unique, custom-built event platform. Also responsible for redesigning functional templates for all TikTok presenters complete with motion design elements and branded content.

Team: Fernanda Navilli (CD), Jay Yun (UI Lead), Rodrigo Blergh (Animator), and support from the dotdotdash team. 
Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Suite, Keynote
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It was the height of the pandemic and TikTok's user base was skyrocketing. With an abundance of users and businesses flocking to the app, TikTok came to us to design and construct a virtual destination for their upcoming event needs—Zoom panels wouldn't cut it anymore.  TikTok tasked us with not only building the platform for their virtual events but also creating the identity for the very first event. This first event focused on hosting their GBS (Global Business Solutions) summit which invited aspiring business partners from across the globe to be educated on business-boosting tools within TikTok.

We got to work and built a proprietary web platform, completely unique to TikTok, with the intent of hosting multiple virtual live events to come. It was crafted in such a way that it could be customized to cater to any event we wanted. Starting from the ground up, we knew this platform had to be versatile and easy to navigate for any and all users. Our team worked over the course of just a few months to produce both the live broadcast and all design touchpoints for TikTok's business division to easily integrate their material into its new home. This first event, called "TikTok Download," educated attendees in 5 different languages with live presentations, interactive quizzes. and panels. With drag queens like Tia Kofi, to panel conversations with Charli XCX, the first event was a huge success and one to remember for all who attended. Download flawlessly kicked off the first of several first-class virtual experiences across the TikTok landscape, and was a big leap in innovation for dotdotdash. 
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Event Stage View w/ Live Chat:
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