Product Packaging Spectacle
Under Armour HQ | 2019

Client: Under Armour
Agency: dotdotdash

Personal Roles:
· Packaging Design
· Product Mocks
· Graphic Proofing
More than an unboxing, the RUSH Seeding Kit was a white-glove delivery that immersed UA athletes such as Steph Curry and DK Metcalf through a theatrical unlocking of product.
Designed to represent RUSH product attributes, a combination of reflective, mineral and heat-reactive materials supported a narrative of enhanced performance and futuristic gear. 
Lighting gestured a player to place their hands on the launch pad. Hand sensors changed based on the athletes temperature. Lights built, triggering the automatic opening mechanism corresponding to life, audio design meant to build tension and anticipation, paired with and smoke release for effect. A secondary automated mechanism released product capsules and a thermal FLIR camera reflection.
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